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The Whistle Defense Program from American Whistle Corporation is designed to help colleges, universities and community policing organizations put safety whistles into the hands of large numbers of individuals at very low cost.

American Whistle works with organizations around the country that distribute safety whistles to groups including college freshmen, senior citizens, DARE, or block watches. Law enforcement personnel encourage the use of safety whistles for several reasons.

  • A  safety whistle is an effective lifesaving tool. The sound of a whistle is more powerful than a cry in the night and sends out a call for help. The loud shrill sound of a whistle can disorient an attacker.
  • The simple act of carrying a whistle serves as a constant reminder to the individual to be on guard and be aware of their surroundings.
  • A solid brass whistle is a quality tool that will last a lifetime. In an era of high-tech cell phones and Homeland Security alert levels, sometimes relying on the tried and true can form the basis of the right attitude of self-reliance and observation.
  • A whistle is fool-proof. Unlike many technological tools - a whistle does not have a battery that will die and cannot be destroyed or broken.
  • The benefits to the university, police department or other sponsors from a public relations standpoint is enormous. A custom imprinted logo or an emergency number imprinted into the top of one of our durable whistles will serve as a constant reminder for 10, 20 or even 30 years

Typically, whistles, ordered for a Whistle Defense program, are individually poly-bagged with a key ring and personal safety instruction brochure. The safety brochure can be customized to feature the names of sponsoring organizations or businesses. Contact us for complete pricing.