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Whistles are an important part of everyday life. They are found in the pockets, on the key rings or around the necks of virtually everyone at some point or another. And like the wheel, whistles have been around so long, that no one gets credit for inventing them. We can almost imagine cave man Dad blowing on a hollow bit of tree limb to get the attention of teenage cave boys!

Whistles made of bone or wood have been used for thousands of years for spiritual, practical and entertainment purposes. One of the most distinctive whistles is the boatswain's pipe used aboard naval vessels to issue commands and salute dignitaries. It has evolved from pipes used in ancient Greece and Rome to keep the stroke of men in the galley. A medieval version was used during the Crusades to assemble English crossbow men on deck for an attack. 

The modern era of whistle use began in 1878 when a whistle was first blown by a referee during a sporting event. An English toolmaker - who was fascinated with whistles - fashioned a brass instrument that was used in a match at the Nottingham Forest Soccer Club. This device was found to be superior to the usual referee's signal of waving a handkerchief. The following year, the "pea whistle" was invented. Movement of a small ball enclosed in the whistle's air chamber produces the familiar trilling effect now commonly associated with American police and referee whistles. The pea whistle remains the world's largest-selling type. Although whistles come in many sizes and types, they must deliver a consistent shrill blast to be heard in difficult situations and under adverse conditions. Whistles are used extensively to promote safety for individuals of all ages.

American Whistle Corporation's contribution to the world of whistles is an important one. We play a role in the market's continuity by providing high-quality and affordable whistles to users across the globe. We are proud of being the only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States and plan to continue this tradition long into the future.