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classic brass whistle assortment

Finest Quality Whistles

Since 1956, American Whistle has produced our classic brass whistles. Despite the high-tech innovations of the past century, high-quality whistles, such as those made by the American Whistle Corporation, remain effective safety tools for everyone, both young and old. Solid brass whistles deliver a consistent high frequency, rich demanding alarm that commands attention.


We offer a variety of finishes on our solid brass whistles, most commonly nickel-plated, but also brass, bronze and even 24-karat gold. In addition, we carry a full-line of whistle accessories, lanyards and a totally unique award whistle line. We are also the only manufacturer of rubber Safe-T-Tips in the United States. This rubber cover slips over the mouthpiece of the whistle and protects the teeth and lips from impact and extremes in temperature.

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