Model 300-AD:

Prepackaged Safety Program

This is the most practical safety tool you will own. Made from solid brass and nickel-plated, this lifesaving tool is guaranteed to last for years. Use this whistle to sound an alarm whenever danger is present. A shrill blast from this quality whistle can startle an attacker, giving you time to get away. A whistle can also never be used against a victim like a weapon or mace can. Give this whistle to anyone who lives alone, in the event they find themselves in a position where they are unable to use a telephone to call for help. This is also perfect for anyone who finds themselves walking alone in parking lots or late at night. The Model 300AD contains a whistle, individually poly-bagged with a key ring and personal safety instructions. This is the perfect gift for children, women, college students, senior citizens or anyone else whose safety you care about.

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